Personally, I think that hits in the NHL should be suspended if they directly result in an injury to the player.  What I mean is…if a player gets hit against the boards and gets hurt, then there shouldn’t be a suspension, because the boards probably caused the injury.  But if a player is just hit on ice without the boards and it results in injury, then the player that hit him should get a suspension.

I do commend the NHL for trying to be better about “head shots” but I think they’re going about it all wrong.  To me, it feels like its just going to be every check, every hit, every anything is going to be looked at, poked and prodded thus making more arguments.

Yes there have been lots of injuries and yes it is unfortunate, but hits are part of hockey.  Injures can happen in any sport and you can try all you want, but they really cannot be prevented.

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